About Dumbed Down Food

We’re here for the countless professionals who go to work hungry.

The college students who know there’s more to life than ramen and junk food.

The overworked mom that leaves the grocery store with frozen pizzas and TV dinners.

Being hungry sucks. And we’re not all 5-star chefs.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t try.

College Fed owner, Ricky Brandt, works on a blog post for College Fed.
Dumbed Down Food founder, Ricky Brandt: Caught on camera looking cute.

Ricky Brandt founded Dumbed Down Food during the summer of his sophomore year at the University of Iowa in the midst of a completely unnecessary freakout about what cooking would be like post-meal plan.  What began as a private Tumblr blog quickly gained modest attention from the community, prompting him to develop its brand and experiment with a variety of social media tactics to bring new fans to the site.

The site was originally named CollegeFed, but after graduation he came to realize that college food is more or less the same as 20-something food—A rebranding was needed, and a plan for growth.

If you want to be a part of Dumbed Down Food, learn to blog and realize the power of a post, we’d love for you to join the team.

A Note From Ricky: Some Thank Yous

To everyone who has helped me grow the blog, improve my writing, or help me solve technical issues, thank you. This blog has become more than just a way for me to share recipes with the hungry masses, but the inspiration for a career in social media and the bedrock for self-learning. Some of you I’ve worked with or taken classes with, but many of you I’ve only ever met online.  To my readers, “without you, there would be no us.” Your submissions, comments and engagement is what drives me to keep up on the blog. Special thanks to…

  • Brian Ekdale’s Applied Digital and Social Media course at The University of Iowa, for inspiring me to keep building Dumbed Down Food with unique content and helping me understand the purpose of blogging.
  • Josh Krakauer for changing the way I think about social media, SEO, and the role of Dumbed Down Food around the web.
  • Brent Garell of College Recipe Café and Cook-a-Palooza for sharing our content and cross-promoting with me from what feels like day one.
  • Our team of contributors who have devoted their time and energy to feed the hungriest of humans
  • Everyone who has ever favorited a tweet, pinned a post, or commented on a recipe. Each interaction matters to me and keeps me going.