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Mark Hollander is a graduate of The University of Iowa and currently works in digital advertising. He first discovered his passion for cooking on a camping trip many years ago, and continues to draw inspiration from his mother's cooking. By writing for Dumbed Down Food, Mark hopes to help other young professionals overcome their kitchen intimidation and develop cooking skills for the future.

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  1. Brent ~ College Recipe Cafe ~
    Brent ~ College Recipe Cafe ~ at | | Reply

    Awesome that you guys posted a homemade pizza recipe! And love the tip at the end about how to give it a golden texture. One other tip is if you’re using a ball of fresh pizza dough, let it warm up to room temperature before trying to stretch it. Makes it much easier. Cheers!

  2. Darlene
    Darlene at | | Reply

    You should make your own dough. It is very easy and requires little time or clean-up.

    1. Rick Brandt
      Rick Brandt at | | Reply

      Great idea, Darlene! Do you have any easy dough recipes? We’d love to share them:

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