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giphyAnxious to share your own recipes and college cooking tips?  Dumbed Down Food is now bringing other writers onto the team.  If you’re interested in gaining writing experience, learning to blog, or just want to help others in the kitchen, we’d love to hear from you.

We have no limit to how much, or how little you can contribute.  Whether you are just beginning to blog or have been blogging for years, there is room for you to write for our food blog.

The best part?  All the content you contribute will be credited to you, with your own byline to go with it.

You’ll receive your own Dumbed Down Food log-in (WordPress based) and profile.  All posts will be reviewed by an editor for grammar, content and professionalism.  Dumbed Down Food generates no income from its content, it is purely a blog for helping others learn to cook well for themselves and teach its writers the intricacies of blogging.

Trying to submit a single post?  Visit our user submissions page.

To start writing for Dumbed Down Food, fill out the form below or send Ricky a message at ricky@dumbeddownfood.com.

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